Daytime Routine Suggestions from Josie

First thing in the Morning

This is a great way to start the day.Just remember that the body has been fairly still for the last 8 or so hours so will be quite stiff.


Fluid pools as we lie still over night so an early morning routine is especially good if you have problems with inflammation.


If possible do this after a shower so that there is some warmth in the body.I have tried doing it while still in bed, but donít recommend it!!!


Just take it slowly and be forgiving.

        Start standing Ė find your balance in mountain pose.

        6 rounds of 3 stage breath

        3 rounds of Breathing Forward Bends (HA breath).

        1 Sun Salutation (Lordís Prayer) on each side (hyperlink for Lordís prayer version to come)

        Simple Standing Twist

        Bound out and face the day

Work Break

Trying to be subtle here is the key! These are great suggestions for stiffness, posture maintenance and waking up.

Standing in a queue

Tadasana Ė the mountain pose

Stop Light

Chin Tucks, neck rolls, 3 stage breath

Waiting for the printer/kettle/microwave/alone in the lift

Simple Standing Twist, Shoulder rolls, Dancer (without forward bend), Simple Side Stretch, Foot rises.


Sitting at a desk

Back bend over the back of the chair, Assisted spinal twist, wrist stretches, neck rolls

Sleepytime Routine

Turn off the TV 10 minutes earlier, put on some favourite calming music, or enjoy the silence.Make sure you are warm.

        Start seated.

        6 rounds of 3 Stage Breath

        Neck Rolls

        Shoulder Rolls

        Simple Seated Spinal Twist

        Breathing Bridge

        Lying Spinal Twist

        Pelvic Tilt


        Extended Pose of the Child

        Rise slowly.