BodyPrayer has joined with Michael Wright and Glen the sound engineer to produce a specialized meditation CD.


There are currently two available:

Walk to Bethlehem

Walk on the water


They are available as MP3s that can be emailed or on CD for $5 each.  Payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque or cash.


Please contact Josie at to order.


The meditation style used is Loyolan.  This is based on the work of St Ignatius of Loyola who took students through a series of meditations that lead them through the life of Jesus. 


It is a very special way to encounter God.


The first part of the CD takes the participant into a state of deep relaxation.  This is based on the concept of conscious muscle relaxation, taking the participant through each part of the body in a specific order.  This practice alone is very beneficial for handling chronic tension, stress, insomnia and depression.


They are then led through a visualization of an event in the life of Jesus, where they are an onlooker or participant.  This climaxes in a specific encounter with God.  The participant is left to respond in their own way.


A period of silence follows, then the participant is brought back to conscious awareness gently.