Toddler BodyPrayer

Stretches and strengthening for Mum,

                                        and fun and friends for the Little One.


This sure is a class with a difference.


Instead of using a crèche we have chosen to incorporate our children.


The class itself is a mix of Yoga and Pilates specifically designed to strengthen the upper back and stretch out all those muscles that get over worked from carrying small children and breastfeeding.


Our children share a bunch of provided toys and make friends and games amongst themselves.  Sometimes they also join in, or help Mum get into the right position!


If a class is disrupted because of breastfeeding or an unsettled child then a reduced fee is charged ($8 instead of $12 casual or a half class is marked from a class card).


Please contact Josie to inquire further or register for a class.

08 8278 4589




Josie and Connor share a stretch

Angela and Evie and Josie and Connor turn Cat into Horsies!