BodyPrayer is a Yoga/Pilates style body conditioning class presented with a Christian philosophy rather than

 the traditional Yogic, Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu philosophy.



We are different to normal Yoga classes because we offer a Christ centered approach to our bodies.


This is particularly reflected in the spiritual/mental theme for each week, which is drawn from the Bible.


At the end of each class there is a relaxation, which often leads into a guided mediation or time for quiet reflection.  This is a special point in the class where each participant is able to exist in the stillness alone with just their awareness of God.


BD14792_  Strength

BD14792_  Flexibility

BD14792_  Stability

BD14792_  Breath Control

BD14792_  Meditation


Toddler BodyPrayer


This class is a non-spiritual class for mothers with young children (aged 0-3). 


Instead of being in a creche the children join us in the class to play with the provided toys, each other or even join in.  After the class we meet for a chat and a coffee at Café 72 in the same building. 


The class has a very relaxed atmosphere.  It is lots of fun for both mothers and children.



BodyPrayer Meditation CDs and MP3s


BodyPrayer has joined with Michael Wright to produce a specialized meditation CD.


There are currently two available:

Walk to Bethlehem

Walk on the water


They are available as MP3s that can be emailed or on CD for $5 each.


Please contact Josie at Josie@bodyprayer.com.au to order.

The meditation style used is Loyolan.  This is based on the work of St Ignatius of Loyola who took students through a series of meditations that lead them through the life of Jesus. 


It is a very special way to encounter God.


The first part of the CD takes the participant into a state of deep relaxation.  They are then led through a visualization of an event in the life of Jesus, where they are an onlooker or participant.


Christian Meditation CDs now available.



Contact Information



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